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Last week I decided to google my freshly made website just to see how it ranks. I was surprised to see that it wasn’t on Google. It’s kind of a bummer to be in this situation if you’re focusing on making content with a hope to get some traffic.

I needed to fix it. Gladly, I had an insight from my previous experience and knew what might be the issue.

Google doesn’t know you exist

That’s a sad way of looking at this problem, but sometimes Google just doesn’t know your website exists and therefore it doesn’t index your pages. I don’t know what…


My frequent web stack looks like this: Next.js + Vercel + Node.js + Heroku. It’s been a standard for most of my recent projects. is an example.

However, I started working on a new project and wanted to decrease my stack a bit without adding limitations. Specifically, I wanted to have some server side functions accessible from a chrome extension without creating a new Heroku server. Heroku is great, but setting a separate back-end is always extra effort.

That’s how I stumbled upon an info that I could create a Rest API with Next.js and run my functions on…


After trying a few hosting platforms for my node.js App, I decided that Heroku is the way to go. It’s incredibly simple to use, nice interface, enough support. They also have a free tier that is just enough for my needs, but it’s not that free ☹️

Since my current product does have any revenue, I don’t want to rush into paying Heroku $7/month.

After doing my research, I was happy with their free tier with only one exception. If your server doesn’t have any activity in 30 minutes, it goes to sleep. …

So Steve

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